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Get a Mortgage

Quintin Property Management and Real Estate can help you with your rental property investment PLUS Establish the Mortgage for you. Call for further information.
  • A low flat fee option for the 2-5yr term *(as low as $950)

  • A No-Fee Option

  • Blanket mortgage option

  • Rental program

  • Stated income / BFS program

  • Assistance with challenged credit

  • Assistance with low and no beacon

  • Up to a 100% rental offset for non-subject rental considered when servicing

  • 30yr amortization option

  • NEW – open mortgage option

  • Quick close

  • Customized pricing when needed

Contact: Brian Hassanali
Senior Property Management Consultant
Office: 647-981-4701
Direct Line: 647-282-8912
Email: qpmmanagement1991@outlook.com
Web: www.qpmfinancial.com

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